9.99 Reasons to Love IE6

A friend showed me this website today: http://www.bringdownie6.com/ "Bring down!" Such angry words. There's so much negativity on the Internet regarding a browser.

Instead of 1) getting good folks to put feeble badges on websites, or 2) resigning to fate & cursing whenever you have to fire-up IE6 and check, or 3) getting bigger, better tools to do stupid things faster… Maybe we can be more constructive.

Here's an idea:

Dear Developers & Designers,

Save your sanity: At $0.00 cost to you, we make your website work in IE6!

Step 1. Register your website with us
Step 2. Just copy-paste this into your website's <head> section: <script src="http://weloveinternetexplorer.com/bff.js"></script>
Step 3. *chuckle* There's no Step 3!

How this'll work is that, all your IE6 site visitors will be gently redirected to our payment page, explaining nicely:

We're sorry but Website XYZ no longer works with your old, antique Internet Explorer browser. BUT for just US$9.99/month (1 movie ticket!) the hardworking engineers at weloveinternetexplorer.com will fixup the website for YOU, and make this problem go away for you! It'll just take 30 seconds! We accept all major credit cards & Paypal (maybe even 淘宝! Alipay (correction by @xtinegoh) )

But you choose not to :-( you may install any of these free, modern browsers and use Website XYZ through them: [firefox logo] [safari logo] [google chrome logo]

WeLoveInternetExplorer.com Team

If the IE6 compatibility work has not been complete yet, the above pay-wall will not be shown. Instead, we'd display a cool 1990s construction worker icon that these folks will be extremely familiar with!


All paid users can of course transparently continue to use the web site (and all other websites that uses this service).

PS: Designers & developers that would like to do Internet Explorer compatibility work (yes, all 3 of you out there, 尤其是中国的同胞朋友, Hội lập trình viên Việt Nam, and сотрудник российских программистов !!!!) Please contact me