(Chew) Choon Keat

N673588474_2688loves programming and has been doing that professionally for over 10 years - moving from C, Perl, Java to Ruby & Javascript. Choon Keat is curious about everything and is always thinking of ways to improve [his] life with better design, better software. Sometimes, he even blogs about these things.

Choon Keat is practical, delivers simple solution and executes iteratively. He has been practicing that on a startup he has founded, SharedCopy.

Professional summary

Choon Keat finds himself involved in startups most of the time. But he did once venture into a mid-size J2EE shop to find out what enterprise software was about. 

His hands-on experience range from (server-side) administrating Linux boxes, writing web apps & integration with SMSC, MMSC & Jabber, to (client-side) writing Eclipse plugins, Javascript, Flash ActionScript, to programming on various other devices like phones and the TV.

His recent work revolves around email, Ruby, Rails and a lot of Javascript.

Software passion

Choon Keat loves open source. He gives back by submitting patches to the Rails project and releasing his own software as open source: hquery, oauth4r, poormans-trends, krjsweb_sg_form_builderhpricot_forms, rssfwd.

Occasionally, the need to share overflows and he turns them into talks for geek audience: Sharing session for PHP User Group, OAuth for Singapore Ruby Brigade, and Rails boot camp 1 and Rails boot camp 2.

Choon Keat understands that experiments are a large part of learning. Hence he’ll occasionally deploy experiments like Real [Twitter] Friends, Rss Paper for iPhone, Timezone UI & Translation UI just to see how well they work.

What he’s working on now

Trying to convince others to employ a image server to handle file uploads, instead of simply reaching for the most fashionable gem.


e-mail:  contactme@choonkeat.com

twitter: @choonkeat