HOWTO get the Real, Physical Path from linkedResources (IPath)

The plugin I’m working on involves environments inside and outside (Ant, via ILauncher) of Eclipse. So, resolving classpath set by IProject is a bit tricky - especially if there’s a linkedResource defined in the .project file. The mountains of similar APIs wasted my whole afternoon.. getLocation(), getRawLocation(), getFullPath(), toString(), toFile(), toOSString()… geez, there’s so many of them - its all freakin useless! Reminds me of all the zillions of similar toDate functions I used to have to work with! -shiver-

The actual documentation is found at IBM. But bah.. after several hours.. and IPathVariableManager seem impotent, regardless of how I interrogate it. So, my own most trustworthy way of getting the ACTUAL, PHYSICAL path of any IPath is to use IWorkspaceRoot:

IProject proj = … ;
// you get this urself, if you have
// IResource, try IResource.getProject()
IJavaProject javaProject =
IClasspathEntry [] resolvedClasspaths =
IWorkspaceRoot workspaceRoot =

for (int i = 0;
resolvedClasspaths != null && i < resolvedClasspaths.length;
i++) {

IPath path = resolvedClasspaths[i].getPath();
URL url = path.toFile().toURL();
IFile file = workspaceRoot.getFile(path);
if (file != null &&
file.getLocation() != null &&
file.getLocation().toFile() != null) {

url = file.getLocation().toFile().toURL();
// resolves actual, physical path of linkedResource


// at this point, URL is definitely usable to create new AntClasspathEntry(url)
// that are resolveable by Launched ant tasks
antClassPathEntry = new AntClasspathEntry(url);