To Hell and Back

Yea, yea… I read On Intelligence and read all about the "blind man seeing with his tongue" experiment.. but this (the illness and the story) is still incredibulous:

As regular readers of my blog know, I lost my voice about 18 months ago. Permanently. It’s something exotic called Spasmodic Dysphonia…

The weirdest part of this phenomenon is that speech is processed in different parts of the brain depending on the context. So people with this problem can often sing but they can’t talk. In my case I could do my normal professional speaking to large crowds but I could barely whisper and grunt off stage. And most people with this condition report they have the most trouble talking on the telephone or when there is background noise. I can speak normally alone, but not around others. That makes it sound like a social anxiety problem, but it’s really just a different context, because I could easily sing to those same people…

Then something happened. My brain remapped. My speech returned.

- Mr Dilbert, 

Wow! Or as Keanu would say.. Woah. Here’s a toast to nature. Congrats!