Deja Vu? The lights went out today - again - but this time its broad daylight (approx 3pm) and I'm at work. The monitor did flicker for a moment before everything went... I'm just too slow to press Ctrl-S to save my last changes - luckily I'd saved often. Initially, i'd thought it was lousy Gateway's building management short-circuiting my office.. then it turns out.. the whole building is out.... then it turns out.. Suntec (across the road) was also out.... then an anonymous SMS asked, 'Eh the part of Nicoll Highway that collapsed, is it near there?' - Huh? Simi wako?


Turns out, it was my ex-colleague Eric (i'd changed phone and lost his number), and indeed there was an accident and part of the highway collapsed - totally unheard of in peaceful ol' Singapore.. the collapsed caused the blackout in our area.. Shorlty after.. calls and SMSes began to stream in... each from concerned family members and friends asking us if we're ok, and quite importantly if we can see the Nicoll Highway from our office -tsk-

As of now, there's 1 dead and 3 missing... :-( Its a tragedy this Circle Line (MRT) has caused.. Not so long ago, I'd already saw a news on TV where a shop-owner complains cracks in his old shophouse near there.. the SCDF inspected and concluded that the building was structurally sound (cracks are so big, you can pass your hand through!) but still did set-up some temporary support for the old man..... and now, this.. Damn.. makes me feel so sad..

Note to self: Better get moblog up and running real-soon-now.. then don't hafta wait to coming home to blog..

I pray all who mourns are comforted.. my heart goes out to them. Life is so brittle and everything just transient..