Much has happened.

At long last, I have (1) switched my mobile subscription from M1 to StarHub. Not that I love SH that much.. but M1 was starting to piss me off (read: money-money-money).. I took the chance to (2) change my old, vietnam-veteran-looking N6510 to a nice, sleek LG 7100.. Love picked for me -grin-.. Though I'm still largely a nokia guy.. but I must admit LG is a breath of fresh air.. shall upload the many many many (3) pictures I took with it - soon.. (However, forgot to save some new contacts before passing my old phone for trade-in -awww-)

When I was driving home yesterday (4) the whole estate blacked-out.. and I'm only left with my 2 shining headlights.. feels damn strange man! Managed to crawl into the super dark car-park.. and make my way up the super dark stair case.. safe and sound! Luckily my LG is a good light source! The night was damn hot though.. bathed with handphone lighting and slept onna floor - until I heard very very nostalgic cheer - the kind you hear back when Singapore was still playing in Malaysia Cup! - then I noticed: the street lights were back.... my thoughts.. Air-Con!

Few days back, my friend told me of an opening in Ecquaria, I jumped at it - gone through a *pant* 2+ hr interview.. and blessedly I got the offer call today.... *Wee!* I'd felt happy and also vulnerable - its only a 1-year contract.. though there is verbal agreement that it may jolly well be converted to perm position (no terrorist attack pls! let economy grow!.. ) But.. oh well! Its a good step forward in any case... better to be the apprentice amongst the skilled, than be throned as King amongst the apprentices. I'd prayed and (5) went over to signed the papers today. Felt so good.

(6) Broke the news to Bosses today.. they took it unexpectedly smoothly.. I'm gonna busy myself this 2 weeks.. before crossing over.. so that'll mean even less time for Love.. :-( Sorry hon. So happy she's very supportive and caring to me.. can't ask for more!

Life is great.