Wasn't home yesterday -grin- to write somethin here. Hmm, i should get moblog feature up soon.. and perhaps get a camera phone while i'm at it.. and perhaps change my phone subscription to StarHub too...

Anyways, was havin dinner with Love and she gave me a lovers-ultimatum (yet again). This time the test for our Hero was to recognize the tasty, black, ring thingies you see at the frontmost of this plate of left-over pizza

(Sorry folks, forgot to rotate this pic before uploadin.. gotta tilt ur head to the right)

Anyways.. silly me went on to guess.. of all things?.... Anchovies?!? How would I know that's fancy angmor for plain-old gang-he-kia? All I knew was that I heard Michaelangelo mentions it a lot :-( Guess I should've learn how to cook then..

And to make matters worse.. a second ultimatum floored our Hero as well! What fruit juice has orangey sourness.. peachy pale color.. How could anyone have guessed grape-fruit? -doh!- ... And that's how "we decided" to embark on our a-fruit-a-week tutorials so that Hero can learn of all the fruity goodies..

Anyways.. hungry now and going off for dinner soon. -Yum yum-