[background: taking a break here from my course, the rest are munching happily away at dunno what pastries.. ]

Was just lamenting to my friend-now-colleague that I miss my Linux desktop (using Win2k now, due to project time-line and I don't wanna jeopardise any co-operative tasks by installing Linux) because of the virtual-desktop provided by X11.

Then now, I found Virtual Dimension ... it rocks! Anybody who finds themselves having to work with too much windows, browsers, word docs, email, websites for personal browsing (read: research, not pr0n), web sites for work,... I personally often arrange all my windows in a particular manner so that I can observe debugging info on console.. running logs elsewhere.. access the console.. view my source code and HTML output.. and these are considered ONE environment.. none should serve much purpose without the others.. and when I need to check mail, I'll switch to my other desktop with only my email program, without the clutter I of development desktop.. after I'm done with my mail, i'll switch back.. with all the many many windows in arranged/opened in the same way.. oh well.. the list can just go on.. but I really like virtual desktops.. and any OS without it simply hampers my productivity.

Now.. back to training