Feedback and FAQ is nothing new to the Internet. But they're often always separate entities of a website. Was browsing around my gmail (beta) account and clicked on the "Feedback" link.. which i would guess power their main beta-testing-feedback process.

* [Page 0] Click "Feedback"
* [Page 1] Select category of feedback and give a "Subject" for your feedback (doubles as a search criteria too)
* [Page 2] Display snippets of matching FAQ (and their answers) on top, with links to click "read more.. "
Display more form fields to complete the feedback (reply-to email, question details, etc)

I think this is a very self-sufficient sub-system which is truely useful to both the end-user and administrators. The FAQ presented on top discourages persons to asking questions asked before.. also helps the user to search through the FAQ while trying to suggest/ask/feedback something...

Just feel a tad dismayed that such sub-system isn't already a norm in the industry already. Somebody should do an open source project like this.. Not sure if FAQ-O-Matic already does.. but i think not.

So, WWW (that's you, reader), why would anyone want to do a FAQ without a Feedback, a Feedback without a FAQ.. why would anyone want to implement anything that doesn't have the above flow? Other than lack of resources to implement?