Good to hear that my bestest friend is going to launch a free, desktop searching tool code-named Puffin. In fact, I was just lamenting to my friend that searching the entire web is faster than looking for stuffs in on my harddisk.. which is least to say, a very pathetic and ironic state of affairs. In fact, BlackMagic recently caught my eye and seems impressive.. looks like a potential filler before Longhorn.. but now, we're gonna have Puffin too :-)

What BlackMagic has, in addition, is version control.. Kewl. Version control all your files in a particular drive.. easily search them too.. the non-IT saavy folks could at last use "CVS" with full integration to their desktop, plus ability to search - fast! -.. these to me, is the holy grail of desktop computing indeed. For what's the computer desktop for, if it doesn't increase your productivity???

Google has reinvented the email by using (their) search technology and challenging current norms (disk space, mail folders, delete mails). E-mailing has indeed changed since I used Gmail.. there's only 3 things to do after reading a mail, archive it, mark as spam, reply to it. No more folders.. put where.. delete la.. i don't need it.. do i need it?.. Archive! Simple change of mindset, a revolution not to be under-estimated. Changing the little things can sometimes start an epidemic.. (i'm reading Tipping Point)

Anyways.. I hope they'll reinvent something this time too. Surprise me, pleasantly.