Went up JB to celeb granny's birthday. Good food.. many kids.. hot weather.. bored and sleepy.. all part and parcel of the yearly celebration. My granny is a cheerful lady.

Love couldn't go with us because there wasn't enough seats with only 1 car.. think my sis-in-law needed to work (on MayDay, boo hoo) and thus couldn't spare the car for the trip. Miss her very much.

Going to start work at new place on Monday already.. feeling a bit uncertain, jittery.. vulnerable still. And to think that all these wouldn't even be possible had i actually remembered my NS commitment for this (NOW) 3 weeks?! I'd completely forgotten I'm supposed to be in-camp for 3 weeks since 29th Apr.. and imagine my Ohmigosh reaction when they called me up.. I mean, nobody remembered? Even my ex-company whom I'd given them the "Employer's copy".. if my personal time-table is screwed.. the company is even more so.

Anyways.. I must get my iCal/vCal or whatever calendar standard up and running on this server.. I'll have fail-proof reminder from now on.. haha!

I can even host my sec school's long-awaited eCircles-like portal.. but diskspace is a problem.. for the amount I'm paying, I get 200MB only.. and for USD 20 more a month.. I'll actually get 5GB.. go figure. I must find my Aloy friend now.. perhaps he's interested in setting more things up here.. and probably setup something like Jabber too..

I'm 1k in-debt again.. ARGH!