Was reading an interview with BitKeeper author, Larry McVoy. How I wish its possible for widespread belief of message.. quoted below :

There was concern at the beginning that maybe we were trying to exploit the kernel team somehow. Our position has always been that we were and are sincere in our desire to help the community. Nobody believes in a free lunch, so many people try to figure out "what's the catch?" The more vocal we were regarding our sincerity, the more suspicious people became. That's human nature and there isn't much we can do about it other than continue to demonstrate that we will do the right thing. I used to work at Google and their "do no evil" motto is something that I took away from them. It's a good way to run a business, but it makes people wonder a bit. People expect corporations to be "evil," but not all of the corporations are evil. Google is a very visible company trying to do the right thing; we're a far less visible company but we are also trying to do the right thing. It is possible to do the right thing and make money and maybe Google's example will inspire other companies to follow suit.

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