For you faithful googlers and, more precisely, gmail new-loves..

1. GTray

Shows 'You have XYZ new email at Gmail" thingy on the bottom right of ur Win2k machine..

Note: When keying in your 'Username', omit the ''...
Note: Since no source is distributed with it, can't promise its non-spyware.. but its kewl for now. Keep me updated if this changes.

2. Use Gmail as Bug/Issue Tracking System

This one, suggested by my good friend Kiansheng, whom has evolved from using ICQ logs to track issues (really, that's his main criteria for selection which IM client to use)

created labels 'Unresolved', 'In Progress' and 'Resolved' and send
memos to myself.. gmail neatly apply labels to the entire conversation
instead of individual entries...

of coz it doesn't have a autogenerate bug # and other things like
priority, etc.. but that's enuf of a mobile bugzilla for me... :)

Any more bright ideas? Do fill me in :-D