Wow. Feels like being let out of jail. It has been a pretty long time since I have a peaceful weekend. Yes, not working this week. Today I woke at 12:45pm.. read the papers, Recruit section too.. lunch with my mom and built my STIKFAS dragon and watched Discovery channel - which coincidentally Love is gonna be working at, yea! - and hang out with my friends, get suckered into playing mahjong because there-ain't-a-lot-else-to-do-in-their-house and lost some money... ya, life sure seem back to the way it was.

Mental note: I must stop being suckered to mahjong in the future. I appreciate the game, more fun than Big2.. but I know I'll definitely lose money. So, gambling is unarguably out.

Anyways, printed and read an article written by Paul Graham recommended by my sinseh,

Don't be put off by the title. It's not just about programmers, languages, etc.
It broaches on many subjects which make my heart string resonate. Enjoy!

It really is an excellent read and how much I wish more people gets the message! .. -sigh-. Btw, time to intro my sinseh..
Though he doesn't like me addressing him as sinseh but that's the way its gonna be. Cheewai. I think he's quite an extraordinaire.. first of all, he was willing to spend time inspiring a total stranger, ignorant idiot like me what the hacker world is.. he was the person that taught me what a :-) smiley is - Woah! Next, he completes his masters in UK and dashes to Botswana to help setup their IT infrastructure.. went to UN.. and now back at Botswana. What a kewl dude!

The next inspiration has to go to The Guan.. whom would entertain many of my out-of-classroom can-i-do-this queries with, "in theory, everything can be done" and promptly showed me the prowers of unix. At a time when its fashionable to be I-don't-give-grades-a-hoot.. he inspired the programmer in us to not just achieve.. but to out-do ourselves and each other.. and achieve "elegance in code". Its a pity they don't teach Lisp anymore. car car cdr cdr, cdr cdr car..

Mental note: Curiosity - Thou shalt not lose the spirit to ask, inquire and be the dumb one.