Managed to catch "The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies" last weekend... I must say, the white cabbage (ask Glen Ong!) is really funny.. especially liked the mat-rock-mix song, Parking Pontianah (depicting the woes of the URA parking attendant, aka Aunty Lilly).. thoroughly hillarious! At some point in the show, I almost couldn't catch my own breath.. darn good one Selina!

"You call me the Parking Pontianah.. you curse me loud-ly.. you curse me loud-ly.. uh uh!
You call me the Parking Pontianah.. I do my job proud-ly, I do my job proud-ly, uh uh!"

However, I must say I'm much dismayed with the CD purchased. The funniest part of the whole show were the stand-up jokes, between acts, etc.. unfortunately the CD only featured studio recorded songs.. boo hoo. I would've better desired a live recording that includes everything - including laughs from the crowd.. oh well!

Dollies dollies.. saw another VCD too.. took away only 1 quote with me..

"Bye.. And remember, don't step on the dolls if you see them."
- a little Afghan girl (Kandahar, 2001) after her lesson learnt in anti-personnel mines.