When I mentioned Rails to my J2EE afluent colleagues weeks ago, there's only 1 response, "ORM? Hibernate la.. ". Then this article comes up.. head to head.. code to code.. line by line. Verdict?

Rails: 1 vs Hibernate: 0
Open the 2 URLs and place the windows side by side AND CHECK IT OUT!

Mentality of Rails is actually in sync with good UI design concepts.. the part I appreciate most is that there's a certain way to do things (enforced pluralisation rules, etc) and its not 100% flexible. I like that.

Yes, the open-source advocate / proprietary-closed-source-is-bad in me actually likes the (if u wanna phrase it this way) LACK of freedom. Especially when "the way" has been well thought out indeed. Less is more. Less decisions required. More work done.

Now.. if only there's a free and fancy IDE (e.g. Eclipse) to help me pick up Ruby faster..