It was kinda surreal watching my TV booting up. To be correct, my TV was showing the xbox (grudgingly?) booting up.

The original intent was to try Xebian (debian good, apt-get better!).. however probably something was wrong with the CDR (was I supposed to use CDRW?) even though many people said I'm lucky to have a Samsung drive on my crystal set... anyhoo.. went around looking for a 'network installable' Xbox Linux instead.. and ended up with..
Gentoox. By following a HOWTO article, I managed to boot'em up.

Installation review/feedback
: I'd initially thought my FTP screwed me up when it gave delirious error messages of "Too many retries" after I'd ftp'd over 3GB of files into my living room.. to make the panic panicker, the Gentoo menu on Evox just didn't work as advertised - it hung when its supposed to boot linux in 'less than 30 seconds.. '. However, prior to booting into EvoX, my mod came with a "boot linux from HDA" option.. and that worked. It was then on the console that I saw the network startup had failed (that's why the hang?). Luckily, I have a USB converter (soldered by my good friend, gnay) + USB keyboard.. managed to rectify the config and get it online.

[update: you may wish to try making ur home network to be DHCP when booting up Gentoox for the first time, since its preconfigured as DHCP.. so u can ssh in an change later..]

I should give Gentoox a go for a while and learn the Gentoo distro.. however, trying to go back to the apt-get world is just so tempting.. [xbox is still fetching those gentoo thingies.. takes so long!]

1. Convince Love that she's not an xbox widow (politically correct to place this #1... )
2. Rearrange my network topo instead of dragging a 15m network cable [hazard!] into my living room.
3. Change to a bigger harddisk (Sounds quite safe to DIY) since I only have 1.6GB free for games now. :-(