I guess JUnit (or anyUnit) can learn a thing or two from ZenTest - guiding the programmer to unit test.

Having a good unit test framework ain't enough. If the lazy coder ain't picking up 'a new skill'.. he ain't ever going to write that unit test - properly. ZenTest doesn't stop there. It works with the programmer's existing code and guides the programmer to build up the unit tests.

That's what a good framework should be aye? Not to stop at the libraries.. but find ways to gel into the user's (user of the framework) workflow. Same goes for application framework / platform / middleware. If it only stops at the technical prowers and available, passive libraries without taking the step to conjure a 'best-practice use' of itself.. then it will only be as good as a dustbin touting "Please Use Me".. as compared to a recycle bin with a "Throw Aluminium Cans Here" sign.