Google desktop search (aka Puffin) is here AT LAST. Grab it!

Independent HTTP server running at port 4664
Background caching - it says "one-time indexing in progress".. One-time?? I hope it does updates as well, pls don't disappoint me..
Search speed - fast thus far, hey its just installed
Result presentation - exactly like their web search

For those of you in companies where you can't install stuff into your PC because the IS department blah blah, demand this - cite productivity as ur reason. This thing searches (with option to exclude) :

  • Outlook email
  • Outlook Express email
  • AOL IM
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Text and other (i hope it index files without extensions as well, my Copernic can't)
  • Web history
  • Include secure pages (HTTPS) in web history
Life is good.