After many weeks, I'd at last picked up my lazy ass to slap on a drag-and-drop interface to J'upload and come up with a working demo [any uploaded file will go nowhere].

Unfortunately, what was achievable fell short of my expectation. The naive goal was to create a firefox plugin that

  1. Looks out for any <input type=file> tag (any file upload field) in any form rendered
  2. Re-render the field to use the applet (already installed with the plugin)
  3. A drag-and-dropped filename will be prefilled into the browse field for the user
  4. The user can thus drag-and-drop files instead of clicking on the 'browse' button, whenever he encounters a upload button
However, step #3 (using javascript to set the value of a filename) is apparently a severe breach of security and is not allowed on any sane browser. So, unless there's another way around.. this plugin will not happen.