I've been using popheadlines by Graeme (good stuff!) for fetching my RSS feeds. What I like is being able to use my email client - all existing goodie features that comes with it - immediately.

However, since configuration is at the email client (I configured mine at work) I feel a sense of lost whenever I'm elsewhere, e.g. at home during weekends or holidays. I've always wanted to continue all my feeds at home, or elsewhere... and to be fair, it isn't a lot of settings to copy... but just knowing that I'm going to repeat my configurations in multiple places, without a way of synchronizing, irks me. A lot.

Anyhoos, to scratch my itch, I wrote a simple RSS-polling script in Perl (oh, still my favourite quickie language despite my recent Ruby fling) using XML::RSS::Parser and a few other stuffs. From the TODO list, there's provision for anyone to subscribe to any RSS-feed via the web.. so will see how it goes.

Source code for v0.1a available here [update: all downloads are here]. Feel free to criticise my sloppy code.