Calvin's wisdom wins the day. Downloaded the anticipated Microsoft's version of desktop search: MSN Toolbar Suite. Yay. Has the option download a PDF plugin to search inside .PDF files. Yay. Has yet-another-popup-blocker. Yay. Now the usable space on my taskbar shrank by another 2 inches. Yay. Not so thrilling afterall.

Sidenote: Yet-another-remember-form-fields feature.. why can't anyone just accept that Gator-spyware really has a good idea and just emulate them instead. Minus the bad intent.

Anyways.. I'm probably more caught up with a kewl idea, implemented for Linux as The Dashboard.

Excerpt: For example, if a friend IMs you and says "I can't wait for our camping trip this weekend!" the dashboard will show things like your recent emails about the camping trip, your camping bookmarks, and any files or notes you've got on your hard drive about camping.

CRM-ready desktop. Not a bad huh? This concept is so going to make it into the enterprise, by this name or another.