For a lack of better phrase, and I don't know who started this - just that I saw it on Flickr first - I've shamelessly copied the presentation of my "List Of Sites" into Flickr-style, instead of the old, boring, usual, row-by-row listing.. *yawns*.. anyways, check it out! [Updated link on 26 Apr '06]

Think I may just put the "You may also like.. " feature soon..

Btw, I'm currently using the following MySQL query to rank the feeds -


my.num_of_subscribers > your.num_of_subscribers OR
(my.num_of_subscribers = your.num_of_subscribers AND >
) / COUNT(*) * 25) + 6 AS rank,
SUBSTRING(my.title, 1, 15) AS abbr_title,
feeds my, feeds your
WHERE != AND my.title != ''
ORDER BY my.title ASC;

That's a mouthful!.. Roughly translate to: More subscribers always more popular; if not, newer is more popular.
  • rank: The "/ count(*) ... as rank" is just to make sure that the range is 6 to 31 (font-ready numbers that I can plug directly in the rhtml file)
  • abbr_title: not in use yet.. was going to control, because some ppl's blog titles are just too damn long! :-D
I couldn't really decide what to do with the feeds that has the same number of subscribers (which happens to be '1' in many cases...) so I chose the lazy option: give the wildcard rankings to new feeds (order by id) so that the rankings will shuffle as new feeds are added - which is likely, since somebody out there is always reading something else.. If I'd given the wildcard rankings to the more frequently updated, then the ranking would've been rather stagnant - personal blogs will never outdo news sites, and news sites has naturally more chance of gaining subscriptions.