First, I found Flickr (check my puny attempt at posting pictures on the left) and their refreshing way of using keywords to build interest groups.. Now, (ok, i didn't know who started first!) I find 43things, with the same idea to push out TODO list! Its so kewl I'm so doing it now! Of cos, girls can probably mutate it to do shopping lists as well..

Sidenote: I think the app can be much improved by not solely relying on exact phrase matching. A good alternative without the need to create a implicit-dictionary-guessing engine for grouping of different phrases would be to reduce the chance of different phrases being created in the first place. Less technical, more about user experience.

Building interest groups organicly, via serendipity. No opt-in, no he-is-my-friend, no manual creation of groups - but in the words of Moulin Rouge, 'Come what may'. I'm building my TODO list, the crux isn't about having people share my TODO actions, but if there are people of common goals, all the better!

I love this concept. Its so refreshing.. it begs for an even better, revolutionary use of it..