[Updated: It turns out the login page was a little hiccup (apparently my account only?) that's been fixed. The sharing was already designed to be as described below. Cheers Jason. Below is the original post and comments. ]

Nice app, Tadalist (see short, quicktime demo)... very simple app that does what it does well, and I have some feedback on the sharing of lists. I tried sharing my list with someone else (not a user of tadalist.com). This someone-else received an email with a randomly-generated link to click. When he clicks, (to my dismay) he's lead to a login page. From the looks of it, (to my utter dismay) its my login page.

So, a few things here.. first, I'd assume the observation is a bug - when the somebody-else doesn't have an account yet, he shouldn't get my login screen - right? Secondly, why only account user-to-account user sharing?

Since a unique URL is already generated, why not based on this unique URL, give the visitor an identifying session (note the email for accountability) and allow the visitor to add, edit, and check items off this list without requiring him to be an account holder of the system?

Won't this be a kewler sharing - totally non-binding to whether the somebody-else has an account in the system or not? I mean, tadalist.com isn't about personal-details harvesting right (tell me it ain't so!).. so why require it? By dropping this little requirement, tadalist would have a fighting chance to spread virally.

Also, with the unique-url-can-edit openness, I can put my project-deadline tadalist as my wallpaper (activedesktop), and so can everyone else on my team.