Perhaps it was all those re-surfaced old Apple ads.. and watching them. Or perhaps it was my colleague's comment - "Apple holds the record for the number of cool inventions that never make it." (think he was refering more to Steve Jobs and his too-ahead-of-its-time tech failures, than Apple itself)

Anyways, I shall hence be giving a little tour to today - Show Don't Tell.

Not that I think that you folks have no brains to know how to use But just in case some of you procrastinated - like I did for too long - simply because the site looks so.. (no offence there!) so plain... not that Google-type of nice and plain, but rather a more thats-all?-duh plain.

So here it is, something that I take away from using Not that its the only or even best way to use the service, but its valuable for me this way, and I hope you can find it valuable in your way as well.

See short tour [swf] - the idea is to completely obsolete the old-way of using bookmarks. The new way allows me to see sync bookmarks at home and office without jumping through hoops.

FYI, delicious bookmarks are shared for all to see.. so don't put ur dirty secrets there.