Just when I've finally boarded the Skype boat to work with overseas colleagues, Bellster comes out with an even more wicked architecture - plainly speaking:

"May I borrow your phone? I m in Australia and I need to
call somebody in your town. If you let me, I ll
just reach across the Internet and place my call."

Of cos, like all other care-and-share schemes that we're all familiar with (Nap-ster, Kazaa,.. even antique BBS..) the whole idea is "share and you get". But since this one is closely money related, it is useful to be reminded that what you share and what you get is totally different: share local call time = get IDD call time.

But before we people get too excited, better wait and see how Big Brother may decide. This could very possibly be yet-another very nice but don't do it here invention.. *soft wailing*.. I want my segway...

Btw, I'm quite curious if the mentioned IDA SBO Licensing Guideline [pdf] applies to people who purposely leave their home's wireless broadband open for others to use.. (yes, there are such kind people)