I'm using RssFwd to subscribe to all my many news/blog/kewl feeds, and receiving them in my Gmail - where I further tag and filter for easy reading and all that stuff.

But as my subscription grows, I often get duplicate news. Duplicate doesn't mean a copy of but rather: reports by different people on the same kewl thing that just happened, e.g. Check Out Google Maps!, Microsoft and Nokia Marries ... and the list goes on. Yes I can "live with it" and skip the message and blah blah blah.. but I do wonder if Gmail can cluster that for me too. I understand this kind of clustering is different from Gmail's own email conversations (aka threads), but they already have the technology: Google News.

Maybe say, Gmail gives me a predefined handler for tag "news" (like how "unread" is a reserved tag that shows all ur unread emails, try search label:unread). And everything in there will be threaded via Google News style, instead of the usual Gmail conversations. And even better, I can tick something, and auto-create a thread-specific filter to "mark as unread, skip inbox", call it the [ ] Same news different day checkbox. Yippie!

Ahh.. things are just so easy when you ain't doing them yourself.