The plugin I'm working on involves environments inside and outside (Ant, via ILauncher) of Eclipse. So, resolving classpath set by IProject is a bit tricky - especially if there's a linkedResource defined in the .project file. The mountains of similar APIs wasted my whole afternoon.. getLocation(), getRawLocation(), getFullPath(), toString(), toFile(), toOSString()... geez, there's so many of them - its all freakin useless! Reminds me of all the zillions of similar toDate functions I used to have to work with! -shiver-

The actual documentation is found at IBM. But bah.. after several hours.. and IPathVariableManager seem impotent, regardless of how I interrogate it. So, my own most trustworthy way of getting the ACTUAL, PHYSICAL path of any IPath is to use IWorkspaceRoot:

IProject proj = ... ;
// you get this urself, if you have
// IResource, try IResource.getProject()
IJavaProject javaProject =
IClasspathEntry [] resolvedClasspaths =
IWorkspaceRoot workspaceRoot =

for (int i = 0;
resolvedClasspaths != null && i < resolvedClasspaths.length;
i++) {

IPath path = resolvedClasspaths[i].getPath();
URL url = path.toFile().toURL();
IFile file = workspaceRoot.getFile(path);
if (file != null &&
file.getLocation() != null &&
file.getLocation().toFile() != null) {

url = file.getLocation().toFile().toURL();
// resolves actual, physical path of linkedResource


// at this point, URL is definitely usable to create new AntClasspathEntry(url)
// that are resolveable by Launched ant tasks
antClassPathEntry = new AntClasspathEntry(url);