Angsty piece.. apparently aggregated many episodes in 1 entry.. tsk tsk. Hey bro, I'd never realised there's so many expressways in Singapore..

I have been assigned to work at Tuas recently. Sorry, not just Tuas. In fact, it is Tuas SOUTH. KNN, Tuas South is one f*cking ulu place. I have to drive thru six expressways (TPE, SLE, BKE, KJE, PIE, AYE) to get there, and it is taking me one f*cking hour to reach my work place. And I have to do this for 2 man-months, which is 40 working days! Pui!
- read whole story... [warning: expletives abundant]

To defeat life's little annoyances, perhaps you can try the tricks in this NY Times article.

PS: Congrats for ya wedding, Alex - so sorry I screwed up my schedule. I'm trying to get better.