I've created an account (free, for 1 project) at Basecamp today. Perhaps it was the interview that tipped me.

"... real-world projects don't run like an organized, Gantt-charted project plan. Real projects are chaotic: missed deadlines, miscommunication, scope creep, new initiatives, new people in, old people out. There's a lot of stuff to be said, but nowhere to say it, store it, and organize it. That's where Basecamp comes in..."

How true. These people appear to face what I'm facing (I don't suck after all!).. Perhaps they, with this understanding, could be The One to give me something that addresses my issues with (project) management. Or perhaps its just that I've been using Ta-da quite a lot and am just waiting for the reason to try the full product.

Anyways, so far so good. I'm liking what I see and can imagine how it melds into my daily routines. Goodbye, Yahoo Calendar - the dinosaur I irk to use because there's nothing else. (Wonder if Basecamp can feature repeatable events.. that'll be complete)

However, I'm pretty surprised - considering their close affiliation - there's nothing about Tada in Basecamp. What's for a user whom have learnt to appreciate the Ta-da way, created a few lists of many many items.. to switch to Basecamp? For now, looks like I have to import them myself - 1 by 1.. I mean, hey even Multiply has a module to import from a competitor, Friendster.

"Convert to Free Basecamp account" link in Ta-da would be kewl. Click and I have my (new or existing) Basecamp account plus all my Ta-da lists intact. Painless upgrade.

Until then, I'll be slowly shifting my 6 lists and 40+ todos.. or live with checking 2 different sites (irk)

PS: Also, how about adding link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="..." somewhere in the header of pages so that the cute, cute orange Subscribe icon can appear at my Firefox bottom-right? In any case, it'll be good consistency. :-)