Update: Wah.. got people selling sexyblogger T-shirt liao..

First they venture into getting a blogger as their ambassador, then a blog post featuring her pretty face, then a funny response.. which lead to a snowballing, totally kewl, impromtu I'm Too Sexy Flickr movement!

Now, Localbrand has actually launched a campaign around it!! OMG!

Go into any of our retail shops, show them facial expression as demonstrated by XiaXue on the left and you automatically get a 20% discount on all LocalBrand shirts. This is our little contribution to an ongoing local (and possibly grober ) Blogging community phenomenon titled, "I m too sexy for my Blog project" started by local blogging phenoms, Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Brown, and inspired by our very own brand ambassador, XiaXue. This impromptu sale ends on March 31st, 2005.

Now!! Somebody inside Localbrand is indeed clued in. Kudos