Co-Surfing. Quite interesting.. a more interactive extension to 3rd Voice (if any of you still remembers.. it was year 2000..)

This company Jybe has done a toolbar for both IE and Firefox (Yay!) unfortunately requires lousy Internet-v1.0-style registration and newsletters checkboxes and blah.

Anyways, was looking for a demo before installing. No luck. So decided to do my own. Check it out here: Jybe Demo [swf, dis-coloring due to optimized swf filesize..], and see if you like it - for business use (e.g. real-time website design approval with clients) or personal use (e.g. can't think of yet)

I think it'll be better if participants don't have to "join" a session like now. Its a learning/adoption hurdle. A better interface than "click join > enter name > enter channel".. is a special URL I can easily pass to another person - "Hey check this out, http://..... " - for he/she to click on, and immediately we're co-surfing (assuming toolbar installed on both parties). Of cos, "assuming toolbar installed" is a hurdle itself, but that's deployment issue.

And knowing that our browsing is going through a 3rd party server is quite sucky, especially for business use. While we're at installing toolbars already, I don't see why we can't take a step towards P2P.