Finally thought of something to do for Railsday this Saturday!! :-D For the uninformed, Railsday is a day where teams(1 to 3) participate in a 24-hour hackathon to come up with some kewl Rails apps - checkout the drool worthy prizes! But I'd like to add, very straight-faced, that the greatest prize will be the opportunity to learn more Rails in 24 hours - more efficient than any self-disciplined project will give.

Since there are plenty more coders out there more familiar with this young framework (me the newbie am learning so much just by looking at Typo blog source code, so you know where I stand) I bet I can't win on "Completeness, Code quality and UI" so I'll be hoping for the other areas like creativity and usefulness. Sadly colleagues whom have heard my idea says I'm delusionally excited. *pooh*

Nevertheless, I've gotten my hands on the latest (only) Rails Bible hoping it'll ward off all evils. Smart guys these publishers.. Railsday coming up and they release their "beta e-book" for sale - so I'm suckered. But its good, 50 pages of selected reading and I think I can cut out 1/3 of my code in Rssfwd.

And honestly, if I were back, working in small independent software houses, creating web applications and hosting (ASP model) for clients (e.g. ex-companies).. I'll definitely push to use Rails.

Because I'd want to be able to have dinner at home more often.