After 24hrs.. Railsday ended yesterday 1pm local time. I stank.

Glancing at the app I wrote, I said "Damn! 24 hours and only this? I should've finished it in a couple of hours!" But that's hindsight. The most demoralising moment during the competition was when I followed a Railsday update and looked at some ppl's screenshot. Regrets? Sure, I should've been more prepared. My stylesheets and design looked like it was picked up from the trash, crumpled, rethrown and pasted on the web. I did realise early on that "look and feel is important!" and decided to delegate the last 3 hours into just that.. no matter what ok? last 3 hours, spruce it up! Yeaahh rite. Also, I should've charted out detailed milestones early on, and just execute during Railsday - and don't deviate from the plan! Shuffling my feet costed me a good few hours.

I don't think I'm getting that PSP, iPod or Mac Mini. But! That wasn't my stated reason of my participation yah? (save face) It was learning, and learning I did. Because of the nature of my app (for others to write an app), I don't think I can safely put up it up for trying anytime soon. But, if you're interested to see what others has beautifully done, try visiting: list of some of them, Friendr, Space Tag, Nutrient,  Tackboard, some google map thing, and the adventurous people can check out the projects directly from the SVN repository described.

In other news, RssFwd receives free advertisement, a good, detailed tutorial that even comes with some online video demo! Thanks Annie! The recording industry, after sueing Bittorrent websites left and right for distributing digital forms of their "IP" now has to eat this - The machine that can copy anything!