Finally got around to fix the Rssfwd bookmarklet (wasn't working on Internet Explorer). Now it does, and also tested on Firefox and Opera 8.

Also, I've added a tiny rssfwd icon/link thing to make site owner's lives easier.. no more hoops to jump to make your site subscribe-able. Just include a little picture like this:

Click to subscribe for email updates

Also.. fixed a big stupid bug. I didn't know feed detection failed on XHTML compliant websites. Duh. Things should just work now. Lemme know if anything thing doesn't.

Also.. I just found some enterprising folks using Rssfwd to push content to their site. Heh. I'm still undecided whether that's a good thing or bad thing. I guess good.

PS: Not done with my pick-a-VPS-hosting-plan yet. This is taking much longer than I thought.