Went to Holland V on Sunday to makan with Love. And of cos, the primary objective is to try out the really kewl Segways!

Segway Polo

Yeah. The authorities say its part of an effort to "to introduce new technologies".. (new? won't other ppl laugh and say its a four-year-old product.?) And btw, didn't know that place is "one north".. i mean, north of where? Jurong Island? Anyways!.. the experience isn't at all thrilling as I'd hoped - I thought it would be Calvin and Hobbes kind of thrilling.. but not.

First of all, there wasn't enough going around, and 1 demonstrator was nonchalantly riding it up and down the Holland V slope, talking on his handphone, perhaps to his girlfriend of watever, leaving only 2 more fella entertaining more passer bys. Up and down.. up and down he went...

Then when its my turn, the fella was holding on to the Segway! I mean, the guy made me feel like I was..
Pony Ride

Sheesh. Its a Segway buddy! If I can't really feel the balancing mechanism for myself, what's the different from standing on a stool? Even I gave much more leeway for Love when she was learning to cycle. Should've guessed that I won't be able to ride up and down anywhere based on the location they'd chosen to display the Segways. I thought they would've chosen some open area like those in front of nobody-goes-there-shops near the carpark...

Grr!... and I did choose to have lunch at Holland V precisely to try Segway ya know?

Anyways, had to fillup a survey after that. I'd rather wish they'd made me sign a "i shall not hold authorities any responsibilities" form and let me scooted around Holland V.