"So, its gonna be this until the party at night ah?"

I was asked whilst sitting on a high stool watching the Tomorrow.sg ppl chat and IRC on TV. Apparently it isn't an event that suited everyone's taste. :-)

Still it was interesting... seeing some faces, and recognizing them. Hope I wasn't caught drooling. Had to leave for family dinner so was out of the scene from 4pm onwards.. but hell, things I'd missed:

  1. Free booze til 2130hrs! I only made it back around 2200hrs to catch my ice-melted glass and get photos..
  2. Belly dancers! Luckily StupidGenius made good use of his 12x zoom camera. and printed me a color photo using the Lexmark provided there. Solid! It really looks as if she was dancing for him only, even though he must've hidden behind the counter or something - sheesh! But he was dismayed a chio one kept positioning herself to be blocked by the other dancers.
  3. Boobies made appearances. (Yes.. It had to happen). Damn. No other attendees get to see this one too,since the event was long over then, so I didn't lose out too much. StupidGenius was caught too stunned to make use of his 12x this time. Looks like he still lack that blogger instinct.
And ya, Xiaxue should really change her outdated pink photo. Just like mrbrown did. So late Tomorrow.sg still hasn't got a Blogger.SG post? Must be all still sleeeeeping..

Btw, I'm really impressed with the way MSN supported the event in the background... considering all the laptops making appearances there were iBooks. Heh.