I've been hacked once before. I know what she means. Feels like shit. Anyone with any way of helping, I'm sure she'd appreciate. Spread the word. I'm not a fan, but that's not a reason not to lift a finger.

(informed by StupidGenius)

Update: WonkyTong hacked too? This is either :

  • a sick meme

  • blogger security hole

  • blogger.sg wireless trap (but wonkytong didn't go right?

Given that there's no related news in the rest of the world.. i think its a geographical thing. Ppl, pls refer to mrbrown's cautionary notes for XX's incident. For now, I'm changing my passwords.

Somebody just passed me another blogger's URL - and the first thought, 'Huh, so-and-so hacked too?'. Damn, today is the only day you'll not want to see your blog listed on mrbrown's.