Love has been away, learning diving in Tioman, since Friday and will be back around evening. Her mobile's not roaming, so there goes contact. I'd be definitely lying if I say I ain't worried one bit that she hasn't called. Then there's a thin line to thread before one crosses into the parentish/nagging/possessive zone. Then again, she hasn't called her parentish/nagging/possessive aunt too.

Instead of otherwise, I'd chosen to expend my restlessness on other things. Went to Borders just now to get my monthly dosage of Linux magazine (old July issue still). Borders having 30% off paperbacks for every hard-cover purchase... nothing to buy. Hardcover? Isn't hardcover kind of "an inconvenience"? Buy an inconvenience from us, and we give you a discount on the real comfy-for-your-to-read books. Kind of like 'Take MRT and win a car' thing to me... Went upstairs into the Apple store for a stroll... I'm not a good shopper.

On my way back to Goodwood Hotel (yeah, I'm a cheapo to park free there. shhh..), passing the DFS, a little boy at the bus stop caught my eye. Facing the DFS, rosy cheeks, carrying a big shopping bag, obviously not his, 2 big cups of McDonald's coke. Visibly shaking. Visibly. If not for the expression on his face, and bead of anxiety... one would really think he's trying to mix some nasty cocktail...

"Are you ok?" I asked, half-bending half-squatting since he only came up to my waist.
"My mother isn't back yet. She gone already haven't come back yet."
"Where did she go?"
"She took my sister to the toilet. Haven't come back yet."
"How long was it?"
"20 minutes already. Haven't come back yet"

At this moment, reminders of lame tv/movie plot comes to mind where long-lost couple reunited, only to be separated again when one scoots off to buy ice-cream or fetch water for another.. and then the bad guys come... and something happens... and...

"Does she have a phone?"
"Yes.. "

Turns out, his mum's phone is in the shopping bag he's carrying. Hmm. The last thing would be for the boy to go find her and create an indian-tree-dance, aka 2-way search. Leaving him there wouldn't be good too. I'm as helpless.

"I wait with you ok?"
"Ok.." his eyes scanning the crowd eagerly.
"Your mum will be back soon, ok?" What else? Other than lying to yourself?

2 boys waited.

He spotted a lady and her daughter walking out of the DFS some distance away. A confirm? look, a solemn nod and I left the relieved boy alone to meet up with his mum. One boy's wait is over.

Well, it will be evening soon.