Poor Third Voice, Inc was way ahead of its time... (which is often not good) now only remembered as "bright ideas that never caught on". There's recently been a revival / rehash of the website-overlay-comments idea. First, with Newsmasher greasemonkey script, now with http://hoodwink.d/ [this link won't work for you? read on]

I was pretty puzzled at Hoodwink'd actually - host not found, etc -... only later did I realized I'd missed the all important first post: Hoodwink'd, Day One: Forcing the Host to Attend the Party. The cool factor is there.. including the website footer saying "this site was probably designed by 37 signals or the like"... one thing bugs me.

I didn't have bandwidth (nor dream) to host a world of comments, Newsmasher (term was coined by Paul Boutin) merely piggyback'd on the hosting and community of del.icio.us - and in order not to abuse delicious, Newsmasher would only display "comments" after clicking on the <c... /> overlay, and not load on every page you view.

Hoodwink'd however, seems to be doing that - isn't that single-point-of-failure thing what made 3rd Voice a pain to use? Hopefully Why The Lucky Stiff has a distributed system planned...

PS: Yah, I haven't updated Newsmasher with delicious's new (months old) template