Ok, last night's Apprentice (the GT4 graffiti episode) taught me something. Something more this time... because I lost. Or at least it almost felt like it. When the task was revealed, I had (in my mind) come up with almost the exact design of the losing team!! And though the post-production editing gave me hints which team was going to win... I just couldn't be convinced - and upon hearing the Sony guys "knew clearly" which was the winning team.. "it was obvious"... I was even more puzzled.

Hearing the interviewed members of the focus groups talking about how they like the winning designs better, etc... I realised I'd known nothing about those consumer's concerns - and I'm a consumer. I even played (and love) GT3.

So, before I get into yet another design-revamp-launch-get-feedback-that-its-ugly cycle.. I guess I better show you guys (my focus groups) a mock up of the spanking new, more professional looking RssFwd design.

Let me know what you think: Minimalistic Design #1.

Some FAQ:

  1. Where did the ads go? Well.. I haven't found a good place to put them without sacrificing asthetics, so perhaps until then, it'll be donations only.

  2. Where's all the info? I'll stick them properly into the various sub pages, with the same font as "Enter a feed URL to subscribe" - and rid myself of silly less-pages-is-better mantra..

  3. What's with the picture - RssFwd isn't a desktop app?! Actually, I'm intending RssFwd to be a desktop app - to relieve myself of some bandwidth/load... besides I think the browser-inside-browser-infinite thing is hilarious (Love didn't think so)