About a month old article, but I realise quite a few of us haven't seen it yet: Online Gambling: Buy a Bot to play for you

For $200, you can buy the full package: a one-year subscription to the team edition, which includes the autoplaying bot and a card-sharing module that allows multiple players to communicate during a game. Bornert won't say how many customers he has; he'll admit only that he makes a living selling WinHoldEm
[emphasis mine]

Now ethics aside, I'd say that's a brilliant idea! Getting a computer to gamble for you only lets you play in a methodical, steady manner while you sleep at night and wake up a few bucks richer.. but Team mode just puts you one up against the dealer! As YP says, FOOK!

Grok said before he's quite inspired by Bram Cohen's success story... I'd say this one is quite inspiring as well :-D

Quick! Now think of an evil but obvious-idea! Oh no! I can't come up with any! My head's full of gambling bot now.. and about why i didn't come up with Team mode - arghh...

On other stuff, Adam Bosworth gives a good talk on how software should be designed and developed evolved: Intelligent Reaction. Good stuff!

Been busy with something of late, will lift the curtain soon :-)