New book to get my hands on: My Job Went To India (and all I got was this lousy book).

It may be a controversial sounding title to the more sensitive. But I beg you see past that. I've just read the 6 PDF snippets (ex content page), and I'd give it thumbs up - loved them all!

While managing an application development group, I once asked one of my employees, “What do you want to do with your career? What do you want to be?” I was terribly disppointed by his answer: “I want to be a J2EE architect.” I asked why not a “Microsoft Word designer” or a “RealPlayer installer?”

This guy wanted to build his career around a specific technology created by a specific company of which he was not an employee. What if the company goes out of business? What if it let its now-sexy technology become obsolete? Why would you want to trust a technology company with your career?
- Your Eggs in Someone Else's Basket [pdf]

Love would be smirking now at my chosen snippet - it resonates my thoughts on people whom are "Flash-programmer and nothing else"... which I find to be rather common trait these days.

ARGH. I've been on a buying spree (sorry honey) and I'll have to bite my lips on this one until it comes to the local Borders - instead of getting it online (or the PDF-only version, if they should start releasing? pls? no?)

I've heard of a story, where a boss read "Who Moved My Cheese", loved it and pass to his #2 man. That guy read it, inspired, passed to the #3 guy and left the company. The #3 guy read it, inspired, passed to a #4 guy and left the company as well! The boss quickly took the book away and stopped the circulation he'd started.

I'm afraid this book will have such power. Hence, even though I'm not a boss nor have I read the whole book yet, I'm hesitant on how to best recommend it.

For a start, maybe you can read the PDFs I haven't recommended. (yes mich, that includes you)