Just read David Geary's analysis of Rails approaching the tipping point (and why) good stuff - I couldn't agree more!.. and I'd thought I was the only crazy one to -

I was hooked. I couldn't stop programming with Rails. I would go to bed at 10PM, toss and turn, and around 10:30PM, I'd get up and get on the rails for hours until I was so exhausted I could go to sleep (there, I feel better now)

Adjust that clock from 10:30PM to 12 midnight, and that'll be just about right. And really, no, this kind of addiction hasn't happened to me before that I want to infect everyone else too. Not Perl. Not Java. Not Linux. Not Quake. Not Burn-out III. Not Grand Turismo 3. I was joking with my friend that I should start to name drop sublimally like rails in conversations rails with people, where rails I'd mention the word "Rails" here and rails there and maybe it'll rails get people to check out rails what's the big deal about Rails?