It was exactly 300 days ago when I started RssFwd. Its wonderful how things turned out. Better stuff is in the works. Will post more about it soon.

Btw, gotten a compliment today that RssFwd is an example of the fabled "app-less" web-app in the sense that users doesn't go about "using it". I'd never thought of it this way. Kewl! RssFwd will always maintain its non-intrusive nature. It will always be about the publisher and the reader. RssFwd will never be about RssFwd.

Also, 2 new features to announce,

  1. You can import your subscriptions from other aggregators (as long as you have an OPML file or url). Just visit the Import Page.

  2. As a publisher, you can track how many RssFwd subscriptions are there on your feed. Just use this API /rssfwd/subscribers_count?url=[your rss url] as an example, you can refer to this URL - it retrieves the number of subscribers I have for my rss feed.

As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated.

PS: Sorry, I'd forgotten who first asked for the OPML-import feature already. Whoever you are, sorry it took so long.

PS: My prediction for 37signals's Writeboard? Super kewl ajax, css, in-place editing: click anywhere, type anything, no page reloads. 1 url for sharing and collab.