Haha. The last time a virus was entertaining was probably the early 90s with Pacman viruses (or "You have been Stoned!"). Now we just get boring email spams and no fun factor. I guess the motivation is different.

So now, forget Jotlive, or Writely.. this must be the fun-est Ajax usage: How to Make 1 Million Friends on MySpace.

someone by the name of Samy wrote a social network popularity worm... and made over a million new friends, all of whom now had the text “but most of all, samy is my hero” in their self-description.

Here's the How, the Interview, and ... of cos where's the fun without "Samy is My Hero" T-shirts? Funny people :-)

Only one nitpick question I have on the whole scenario though.. if Samy wished to stop the virus..

"I absolutely wanted to stop it. Deleting my account wouldn’t stop propagation at all, but I tried that anyway."

Why can't he modify his original script on his profile, and spread a virus-removal virus?