Anyone knows how CBL works? Its funny they provide so much information on their site, but nothing concrete. Perhaps they should just tell me WHY an ip address is listed BEFORE presenting their reels of text educating what you must, must not, need, need not, could, could not, am, am not, doing, done, did not,... watever!

I mean since its not about spam or open relays, ip addresses listed on CBL probably has no intention to be on it (read: victim). So what's with the secrecy?

Apologies to some RssFwd users whom are not receiving their daily feeds. Most probably your mail server is rejecting:

550-Message rejected because [] is
550-blacklisted at see Blocked - see

Any enlightenment is appreciated. 

"IMHO is not fit for use without whitelisting some IP addresses in most installations."
- How good is