I'll leave the point-by-point rebuttal to other people... but do have an issue with James McGovern's claim over #9.

The [agile] community needs to get their priorities straight. People, then process then tools in that order.  

Now that's quite the priority that you'd want to be seen as believing in, ain't it? He's championing for Enterprise Architecture, so I must guess he means to say that's the priority enterprises practise.


From the planet that I live in, outsourcing trends is on the rise and expensive software are sold to (and bought by) enterprises. Enterprise software  projects are usually built with a few good men as leads, and a farm of programmers. Why outsource your first priority? If something is of last priority, why buy the most expensive? Hence, say it like it is, the following priority may reflect what's out there: Tools and Process, then People.

And maybe, if one day... "people" does get prioritized higher... they'd be allowed to pick their own tools.