Found sometime to upgrade the blog-ware, now running Typo (edge) on Rails (edge). One of the main reason is that the newer Typo version has prettier templates, of which I'm using iamrice theme (modified width). At last I am no longer using everyone's default theme.

Do let me know if anything on this site breaks :-P 

Also, RssFwd has been running with some new, previously-unannounced features:

  • Authenticated feed: if your RSS feed requires HTTP authentication (the kind that pops up an ugly browser login dialog) you can now retrieve it with RssFwd by indicating the username and passwords like this:
  • Customisable email confirmation / footer: For blog owners / publishers, if you wish to customise the RssFwd footer / confirmation emails for your feed, feel free to drop me a mail. I think i18n is probably more important.. so, publishers that donate decent language translations and whose translations get used will have their footerscustomized for free!

108 days to RailsConf...